SEO Services: One-hour meeting

SEO Services: One-hour meeting

Sold by: Coach Lab


At CoachLab Digital Marketing Agency, we help you to be on the first page of google.

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A simple look at the site entry statistics reveals the importance of SEO at the first glance. SEO is even more important than the site itself because if your site does not have effective traffic, it is practical, and its absence does not matter much. Hence, SEO and search engine ranking optimization are very important. In the meantime, it is not only important to increase site visits, but along with providing targeted traffic, it is necessary to improve the site’s SEO status and ranking.

In order to get traffic by SEO services, you can count on us, CoachLab, in all sections.

CoachLab SEO services include many items that bring your site to the first page with the best techniques and effectively increase your site traffic.

If you need to know what SEO is, just call us. If you need SEO training, we will train you.

Why should we care about SEO?

As you can see in the statistics, more than 70% of site traffic and traffic is provided by search engines.

So it makes perfect sense to invest in search engine optimization. In fact, the cost of SEO is a very large type of investment and should be considered part of advertising and marketing, not costs.

As you know, advertising is an investment; SEO and site optimization are also among these ads that you can achieve special and long-term success in the field of SEO with much lower costs.

Improve SEO status

Some people think that SEO does not matter and they can do it themselves. But in practice, what happens is that after all the effort and expense and time spent, they come to the conclusion that ranking in Google is not that simple, and along the way, they encounter many problems that they do not even know what to do. Take an approach.

These people think that with a few backlinks and content production, the site will automatically rank in Google or search engines. But they are unaware of what disasters, events and mistakes they may cause for themselves and their business along the way. From being penalized to getting the wrong rankings or not even getting a ranking, or even worse, they are not indexed, and this is just a corner of the simple things that can happen to a site with poor SEO and will require major improvements. Was.

Prevent these problems and other possible irreparable problems with Koch Lab SEO services and easily view your site in the main, secondary and short keywords on the first page and increase your site traffic.

Steps of SEO project and site optimization

  • Request the customer for an initial review to receive SEO services
  • Check the status of the customer’s site by the Koch Lab SEO team
  • Provide a codified proposal to provide SEO services and increase SEO visits and improvements
  • Counselling, training and summarizing session
  • Start an SEO project and optimize the site for search engines
  • Provide performance reports
  • Continue cooperation and define based on KPI

What do you usually do in a coaching SEO project?

  • Investigation and modification of the unique link system and taxonomy of sites
  • Optimize product categories based on keywords
  • Strategies to improve the status of categories in the SERP
  • Check and correct problems and optimize pages and products, etc. for mobile devices.
  • Image optimization File name, Title, Description, Alt and Size
  • Indexing pictures
  • Choose the best keywords for product pages and categories.
  • Check the position of current keywords and plan and improve to improve them on Google.
  • LSI existing content LSI all pages of the site
  • Select the best tags h1, h2, h3…
  • Optimization of different meta tags of meta description pages & meta Title
  • Check external links and disable malicious external links. Disavow external backlinks.
  • Improving the status of Page Authority Important landing pages, including product categories and …
  • Improved Toxic score & Spam Score
  • Improve the status of the Domain Authority
  • Creating balance in external links Follow & Nofollow to normalize external links
  • Creating balance in the type of backlinks form, text, picture and frame
  • Select a suitable and varied anchor text to build backlinks and avoid penalties
  • Improve Social Signal status by optimizing and creating efficient content on social media
  • Build backlinks and use Web 2.0
  • Using IFTTT or using appropriate SMM to improve the situation in different types of social media and effective presence in them
  • Check competitors’ sites and get better rankings in keywords.
  • Find resources to build quality backlinks.
  • Use effective strategies to convey Link Juice.
  • Build a pyramid or Eagle Style PBN
  • Check and create internal links based on the Siloing system.
  • Performance Site optimization and review and optimization of Lighthouse & google insight.
  • Check and improve GSC status. Fix errors
  • Improved robots.txt file
  • Review and improve the status of the Site Map
  • Review and take the necessary action to canonicalize the required pages
  • Fix Cannibalization problem through search console
  • Create Structured Data based on site structure
  • Use rich snippets to improve search appearance.
  • Site optimization is generally based on the schema.
  • Find and troubleshoot Duplicate Content.
  • Improve CTR, Bounce Rate &
  • Use negative SEO if some keywords are competitive with high difficulty
  • Improved status in Google Maps
  • Increase brand and site presence across the Internet
  • Create calendars for SEO, content and social media
  • Leave keyword rankings and take steps to get better results.
  • Get trustpilot and similar tools to increase credibility.
  • Create E-A-T: Expertise, Authority, and Trust
  • Site optimization based on Google algorithms.


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