The Computer Mouse Buying Guide: Which Mouse is Best for Me?
which mouse is best for me

If the mouse you got for your computer is not working correctly, using a laptop mouse pad is difficult for you. You are looking to get a mouse for yourself but do not know which mouse to choose, this computer mouse buying guide article in Bazaronline Mag can help you.

Choosing the best mouse for each person can be hard work, and most people prefer simple and inexpensive computer mouse. You should know that the computer mouse is the most essential tool for working with the computer. In this mouse buying guide, you will get acquainted with 6 criteria that can help you get the best mouse.

Size and weight:

Ignore the size of your hand because someone with small hands may be more comfortable with a larger mouse, or someone with larger hands may prefer to work with a smaller one. This is entirely a matter of personal taste.

We recommend you avoid smaller mouse for professional work since their small size makes them difficult to control and therefore reduces your accuracy. But if you do not want to do professional work with your mouse, you can choose any size of mouse.

Most mouse buying articles talk about size and do not talk about weight. The average weight of a wired mouse is between 90 and 100 grams. But when you check more professional computer mouses, the weight will change. Wireless mouses, for example, are heavier than wired mouses.

The weight of the most wireless mouse is related to the battery and extra kits. The majority think that this added weight has no effect on the use of the mouse and is not even felt. But this is entirely wrong, and the mouse’s weight is noticeable when working with it.

Mouse design and ergonomics

The design of the mouse is as important as its size and weight. If you are in front of the computer all day, you need to get a comfortable mouse in your hand. Mouses are available in various designs, from simple mouse to mouse with exotic shapes, from which you can choose the most comfortable mouse.

Most people confuse ergonomics with design. It may be an ergonomic and very comfortable mouse, but at the same time, it looks ugly. Designing a mouse is a matter of taste, and each person has their own interests and preferences.

Of course, this may not be the case with low-cost computer mouses. Undoubtedly among these low-cost mouses, there are many comfortable and beautiful mouse.

wireless mouse black

Professional 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse has absolutely comfortable design for your hand touch.

Wireless or wired mouse

Wied mouse are more common for desktop computers and wireless for laptops. But you should note that a wireless mouse does not necessarily have more capabilities than a wired mouse.

Benefits of Wired Mouse

Wired mouse have many advantages over wireless one; the lack of batteries and transmitters makes these mouse lighter and easier to use. Also, due to the presence of wires, you can simply connect it to your computer and use it without worrying about the battery charge or the speed of the mouse or the power of communication between the mouse and the computer.

Disadvantages of Wired Mouse

Keep all factors in mind. Cable mice are not always the best choice. For example, the wire can be a big hassle for those who carry the mouse with them. Also, the limitation of movement that wire mouses create for gamers is gaming mouses’ most significant problem.

Benefits of Wireless Mouse

There is no better device for those who work with laptops than a wireless mouse. It can also connect to your computer via Bluetooth (without the need for a dongle), which is best.

Disadvantages of Wireless Mouse

You may experience problems using a wireless mouse if you play with your mouse, such as slower mouse response speeds. Limited battery life and abrupt mouse battery drain make the mouse useless for you for a short time.

Type of sensor and its location

There are many sensors on the market with different uses that can influence the choice of mouse depending on how you use it. DPI, or “Dot Per Inch”, means that the sensor used in your mouse can split a square an inch in diameter into several smaller squares. As a result, the lower your DPI, the more you will need to move the mouse pointer from one point to another, which will increase your accuracy. The higher your DPI, the less movement you will need to move your mouse pointer. It is commonly used to work on multiple monitors.

Number of buttons

Depending on the conditions of use of your mouse and the buttons you use, the mouse that suits you may change. For example, imagine you work with your mouse in a library or in a crowded office; in that case, you may be looking for a quiet mouse, or you may want to feel the click of a button while playing and listen to your click.

In addition to what kind of buttons you want, you should also think about how many buttons you want because three buttons on the right, left, and middle may be enough for you, or you may need more buttons to do different things.

Mouse software

Having a lot of features and buttons is a great feature, as long as there is effective software that can be used to adjust these features. But software gives you many capabilities and settings for the operation of buttons and settings. You will not need software for many of mouses.


Finally, to summarize this mouse buying guide, here are some general tips to follow when buying a mouse:

  • Mouse with many capabilities are great, but beware that simple tips may change how you think about them. Tips such as weight, size, shape, and overall mouse ergonomics.
  • Being more expensive does not mean being better and you have to choose the mouse that suits you best.
  • Do not follow the brands, and do not limit your options to them because the mouse that is right for you may be found among any brand.
  • Also, read reviews, as you may not have considered the factor when choosing a mouse, or you may not be aware of the worst-case scenario that may happen to you.


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Frequently asked questions about buying a mouse:

What is the difference between a gaming mouse and a standard one?

Gaming mouses have features and capabilities that focus on improving your gaming performance. You can get a gaming mouse and use its powers to do your job. Still, you have to pay more for these mouses. There are even professional standard mouses whose capabilities are focused on improving your performance.

What is an ergonomic mouse?

An ergonomic mouse is a mouse that is designed with the shape of the hand in mind, to be very comfortable and to prevent damage that results from working with standard mouses for a long time.

Is a wired mouse better or wireless?

Wireless and wired nouse each have their advantages and disadvantages. The wired mouse has less weight, but wires cause more annoyance and lower prices. On the other hand, the wireless mouse has a higher weight and limited battery life. Still, professional mouses are all wireless and can offer you many possibilities.


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